Titanwolf – 16000 dpi USB MMO gaming laser mouse | 18 buttons | high precision | configurable LED colour lighting | Avago sensor technology | MMO gaming | incl. software (programmable buttons) | up to 30g acceleration | gold-plated connectors | ergonomic design | plug & play

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Multi-functional gaming laser mouse by ” Titanwolf ” with 18 buttons for the highest requirements!

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Multi-functional gaming laser mouse by ” Titanwolf ” with 18 buttons for the highest requirements!

Be perfectly equipped for the next gaming session! The multi-functional laser mouse impresses with
very high scanning rates of up to 16400 dpi and also scores due to its highly accurate control.

The device facilitates pixel-accurate gaming pleasure and its 18 buttons are very easy to reach to
ensure accurate handling. The configuration software of the gaming mouse allows a wide range of settings.
The DPI settings in the software provided can, for example, be used to set 5 individual DPI levels for
each profile, which allow for flexible configuration of the mouse acceleration, pointer-, scroll- and
double-click speed, polling rate and mouse buttons. The LED lighting is a special feature that allows
recognition of the profile in use. It is possible to adjust the LED lighting of the integrated logo
and the side buttons individually for each profile. Colour, brightness and breathing speed (pulsation)
can be separately selected according to your preferences.

It is also possible to compile macros. These are recordings of specific button sequences that can be
replayed after configuration by pressing a single mouse button. They may, for example, include keyboard
entries or mouse commands. It is also possible to adapt the weight of the high-precision laser gaming
mouse individually to your needs. A total of 8x 2.4g weights are available (pre-installed). Its clear,
thoughtful and modern design makes the laser mouse a first class choice for accurate game playing and
productive working.
Model description: Titanwolf – Gauntlet wired gaming laser mouse USB 2.0 / perfectly tuned for the needs of gamers: up to 16400 DPI / 12000 FPS / variable polling rate up to 1000 Hz / mouse movements with up to 30g acceleration | suitable for right-handers
Features: Avago sensor ensures accurate gaming and its combination with Omron mouse buttons provides a more intense gaming experience | 18 programmable buttons / 5 storable adjustment profiles | indication of the profile selected by the colour of the LEDs | readable 5x DPI levels
exceptional ergonomic design & play connection – driverless installation (special functions such as light settings and button allocation require installation by driver CD)
Cable length: approx. 180cm | operating system compatibility: Microsoft® Windows® 10, Microsoft® Windows® 8.1, Windows® 8 (32/64bit), Windows® 7 (32/64bit), Windows® Vista (32/64bit), Windows® XP (32/64bit) | delivery scope: Titanwolf – Gauntlet wired gaming laser mouse + integrated sliding pads + operating instructions + software CD
Omron buttons | particularly suitable for gaming | function keys / scrolling wheel: Vertical scrolling wheel / 6x buttons on the top / 12x buttons at the side / 1x button at the bottom to select profile / buttons at the top and side can be freely allocated | possible button allocations: standard functions, DPI change, windows special functions macros / individual button combinations, profile switching | configurable LED lighting: 4x red LEDs to display the DPI level; scrolling wheel